Digital customer onboarding 

Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding

Employing a high degree of automation, Smartforms alleviates conventional paper-based manual silo processes and adds efficiencies via digital operational workflows.

Featuring connectivity to an array of regulatory technology partners via API, Smartforms onboards your prospects swiftly and efficiently whilst delivering a superior digital experience. Rich compliance automation and real-time corporate or individual applicant screening capabilities reduces the cost of compliance.

Digital-first Architecture

Empowering customers to self-service while leveraging cutting-edge regulatory digital technology unifies the customer and the front-office creating a streamlined onboarding process with minimal friction.

Digital Onboarding Key Features

  • Digital self-service to empower your customers
  • Digital-first architecture from online forms to eSignatures
  • Embedded sanctions screening, PEP searching and adverse media scans
  • ID verification seated on AI and biometrics
  • Elegant journey from applicant to account

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