automated EFT and LCT regulatory reporting

Automated AML and Regulatory Reporting Engine

Regulatory Reporting

Accurate and timely submission and filing of regulatory reports is a fundamental legal responsibility for Financial Institutions.

Particularly for FX and Global Payments, multiple jurisdictions require financial institutions to promptly report transactions or suspicious activity. Datasoft FxOffice Suite has embedded compliance features that covers all AML requirements in a single platform including regulatory reporting for cross border electronic funds transfers. In addition, trade repository (TR) and swap depository reports (SDR) automated reporting for foreign exchange transactions is efficiently built into FxOffice.

AML and Derivative Trade Reporting

With the tight integration of FxOffice modules, regulatory reports for cross border EFTO and EFTI transactions automatically draw data from the client information file, the transactional FX modules and payments modules. Reports are then available for review or immediate electronic filing with regulators such as FINTRAC, AUSTRAC and others. Similarly, FX derivative trade reporting can draw all required data including LEI information and transaction, valuation and other relevant details for immediate electronic submission to trade repositories like CME or DTCC.

Regulatory Reporting Key Features

  • Fully automated EFT and LCT regulatory reporting.
  • Electronic submission to trade repositories (derivatives).
  • Workflow reports for EFTO/EFTI and LCTR to adhere to strict AML regimes.
  • Report suspicious transaction activity to the appropriate regulators (STR/SAR).
  • Assess compliance reports to avoid deficiencies resulting in violations.
  • Evidence of compliance with verifiable data and timely reporting.

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