FxOffice platform empowers users to manage payee information

Simplify rule-driven electronic payments

Beneficiary Payee Management

The management module is designed for complete integration with scalable workflow solutions and implementation.

The FxOffice platform empowers users to manage payee information by permitting them to add, modify or delete as deemed essential. Appropriate rights can be applied to the users throughout the modules thus clients can restrict / allow the process accordingly.

Validation of Permissions and Approvals

Full configuration in template creation can be validated by the user through payments and settlements. The increased volume of payments, the broadening of beneficiary countries and evolving new payment formats are all efficiently and accurately recorded by the system.

Beneficiary Payee Management Key Benefits

  • New payment formats are handled effectively.
  • Ensuring accuracy in creation of templates.
  • Configurable approval policy adds a layer of security to validate the payment process.
  • Create multiple trading templates for recurring payments.
  • Establish separate trading and settlement users for additional security.

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