Settlement management

FxOffice simplifies the payments and settlements lifecycle

Settlement Lifecycle Workflow

Understanding all aspects of a deal lifecycle from start to finish is critical for operational control and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction; this can be achieved when each step is integrated into one system. Every module within FxOffice from trade capture to accounts receivable/payable to final collection and remittance is integrated allowing for a payment to be tracked through the various stages. By integrating accounting with the trade, we are able to determine if a deal has been fully or partially funded, settled or finished. This information is easily viewed by your internal operations and optionally by your clients.

Control via Workflow Engines

Utilizing the built-in workflow engine you can easily control and configure the payment workflow to match and surpass your current operations. Simple rules like money should not go out before money is received can be easily constructed and injected right into the workflow. Moreover, rules that query all aspects of the system to ensure internal governance is followed like Credit, Margin or Compliance Risk can be configured to halt the processing of payments.

Settlement Lifecycle Workflow Key Features

  • Complete view into the state of payments
  • Customizable payment workflow to match your organization requirements, including flexible approval policies
  • Integration with Compliance, Risk, and Credit built-in
  • Real-time activity alerts by user roles

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