FxOffice Financial and Accounting modules deliver a complete integrated financial management solution

Custom tailored General Ledger and Accounting to manage FX Businesses

Datasoft General Ledger

Datasoft FxOffice Financial and Accounting modules deliver a complete integrated financial management solution to ensure measured and predictable business performance.

Custom-tailored for foreign exchange trading and global payments products, FxOffice manages all parts of financial accounting of FX businesses – from deal inception to settlement.

The general ledger is tightly integrated into FxOffice Dealing, Treasury, Bank and other FxOffice modules eliminating inefficient mistake-prone redundant manual data entry or batch driven accounting silo software. General ledger entries are posted effortlessly in real-time with enterprise-wide rich integration.

Reducing FX Accounting Complexity

Datasoft FxOffice General Ledger is a true multi-currency system that reduces FX accounting complexities and administrative burdens. With unified alignment to all FxOffice modules, the entire platform posts real-time accounting entries to the ledger or sub-ledger structures. Furthermore, data is kept aligned with persistent validation and diagnostic testing allowing for cohesive and accurate financial management.

Datasoft General Ledger Key Features

  • Multi-currency ledger and subledger support.
  • Automated mark-to-market revaluation.
  • Unified integration to dealing and payment modules.
  • Live FX rate feeds for all accounting functions.
  • Alignment with FxOffice bank and reconciliation automation.
  • Fiscal period controls.
  • Vendor and AP management.
  • Live financial statements and financial reporting.
  • Cost centres and performance accounting.
  • Granular audit reporting tools.
  • Multiple legal entity financials for multinational operations.
  • Ledger to subledger validation. GL integrity assurance and data audit.
  • Consolidation structures.
  • End-of-year automation.

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Datasoft FxOffice is a foreign exchange software and global payments platform that offers financial institutions a completely integrated forex, treasury, compliance and payments platform.