Broader global banking and FX liquidity infrastructure

Correspondent Banking as a Service

Correspondent Banking as a Service

Delivered by some of the foremost global FX and payment partners, Datasoft’s Correspondent-Banking-as-a-Service provides financial institutions broader global banking and FX liquidity infrastructure.

Correspondent-banking-as-a-service augments existing primary banking infrastructure. Leading FX and payment partners can deliver better currency coverage, global payment corridors (including international ACH) and when combined with the strengths of existing banking relationships, Datasoft's Correspondent-banking-as-a-service delivers more complete global coverage atop sophisticated world-class technology.

One Channel. Many Providers.

FX and payment partners each tend to have unique specialities with specific payment routes, currency pairs, treasury products and technical automation. Datasoft's correspondent-banking-as-a-service allows financial institutions to leverage the unique strengths of multiple FX and payment partners from a single experience or omnichannel API source. Adding exotic currencies, niche payment corridors or treasury products like virtual IBANs can complement the strengths of existing banking infrastructure.

Correspondent Banking as a Service Key Benefits

  • Live FX pricing and execution
  • Omnichannel access to multiple FX/payment providers
  • Add exotic currencies or international ACH corridors
  • Issue virtual IBAN accounts to automate FX inflows
  • Access FX best-pricing and payment best-routing

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