created specifically for sales and treasury traders

FxOffice simplifies the processes of identifying foreign exchange exposure and risk

Real-time FX Exposure Monitoring

FxOffice risk exposure functionality is specifically built for sales and treasury traders managing risk and workflow for deliverable foreign exchange trading floors

The FxOffice Risk Management modules ensure traders are well informed and equipped with monitors and watches that identify currency exposures and market conditions. Particularly during heavy trading or volatile markets, central traders require immediate live information for pre and post trade events to accurately price, crystallize profit and eliminate exposure risks. FxOffice exposure monitoring is a collection of modules for traders to have immediate data visualization of foreign exchange transactions flowing from either trading sales or from electronic channels like web-based dealing.

FX Exposure Management and Beyond

Foreign currency exposure also requires managing FX liquidity and foreign currency cash positions. The fully integrated modules within FxOffice will allow visualization of currency cash positions at both a composite level and then also within each nostro simplifying cash position management and predictive swap requirements. In addition, the trading sales functions have on-demand protective credit risk management tools and enforceable margin collateral visibility to ensure adequacy on foreign exchange forward contracts.

Real-time Exposure Monitoring Key Features

  • The real-time position watch displays a composite position of all currencies being dealt
  • Forward and Currency ladders allow users to understand and analyze currency movement which occurs beyond the horizon
  • Real-time margin statements and mark-to-market of positions provide tools for Forward Margin Adequacy and Collateral Management
  • Manage order book exposure with respect to the current market proximity.

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Datasoft FxOffice is a foreign exchange software and global payments platform that offers financial institutions a completely integrated forex, treasury, compliance and payments platform.