Provide advance payment related functionality


Payments and Settlements

Built primarily for the deliverable foreign exchange, FxOffice Payments and Settlements modules provide payments-related functionality for all electronic payment types including international payments, ACH cross-border payments, domestic FedACH, EFT payments, cheques, drafts and more. 


STP payments and remittances leveraging FxOffice's extensive workflow, validation and control rules. SWIFT and ISO20022 capable as well as NACHA, BACS, BPAY and other payment formats including proprietary bank formats.

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Settlement Lifecycle Workflow

Central engine controlling remittances & funding processes. Full visualization of matching trade deals, cash positions, reconciliation, credit risk, transaction risk & AML screening tools all embedded from execution to settlement.

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Cash Management

Fxoffice provides real-time foreign currency cashflow forecast capabilities seated on automated reconciliation modules that enable accurate and reliable cash management.

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Any Payment Type - Any Route

With ready-made support for widely used channels and payment formats, multi-currency electronic payments can be routed on any channel compatible with each payment and from any nostro as well as in-country clearing.

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Virtual IBANs

FX Dealing, AML Compliance, Risk, Limit and Accounting are fully incorporated into the centralized payments stream improving decision-making and efficiency

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FxOffice Payments and Settlements

Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency for different payment types and channels using Datasoft Payments and Settlements module which is specifically built for deliverable fx transactions.

With the tight integration to all Datasoft FxOffice modules and a unified payments platform, your back-office team has transparency into operations and can reduce costs by eliminating manual processes or disconnected payment interfaces and systems. Datasoft FxOffice has been built to leverage faster, broader and more secure access to payment and settlement channels.

FxOffice Payments and Settlements Key Features

  • Straight-through-processing STP capabilities guarded by mature workflow, validation and control rules.
  • Comprehensive payment instrument coverage with multi-modal cross-border international payments or in-country cleared routing choice.
  • Unified platform that incorporates foreign exchange trade details, credit risk and cash position data into a central payment stream.
  • Complete and full integration to risk, regulatory trade reporting, accounting, AML screening and AML regulatory reporting.
  • Highly customizable, multi-entity, multi-country product solution with SWIFT support and in-country clearing capabilities.

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Datasoft FxOffice is a foreign exchange software and global payments platform that offers financial institutions a completely integrated forex, treasury, compliance and payments platform.