Electronic documentation system

Document. Archive. Retrieve. Track.

eDocument Management

All Compliance modules in FxOffice have an integrated electronic document management system enabling on-demand access to documents and records for each function.

Collecting and retaining records and documents are a fundamental necessity of any compliance regime. Every CDD onboarding process, constant vigilance monitoring, list screening and regulatory reporting workflow involves retaining of records and must be done so in a manner that is retraceable to satisfy compliance and audit requirements. Manual filing of such records is quite simply inefficient and insufficient.

Digitizing KYC Programs

FxOffice eDocuments allows for workflow creation and the implementation of control functions that will mandate users to collect, complete and file documents into FxOffice thus satisfying mandatory operating AML policy. Digitizing AML regimes through imaging and electronic document storage creates a complete compliance platform with streamlined collection, storage and access of KYC documentation for a traceable and audit-proof compliance program.

eDocument Management Key Features

  • On-demand access from any module to all stored documents.
  • Manage document workflow asserting adherence to AML policies.
  • Instant retrieval of KYC documents to streamline audit and review functions.
  • Streamline and mandate collection of documents prior to customer acceptance.
  • Track digitized AML audit assurance.

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