enables the use of a single data source for all stages of customer onboarding and due diligence

Statutory Due Diligence for Risk-Based Onboarding

KYC and Onboarding

The FxOffice Know-Your-Client (KYC) module is a centralized data repository for all elements of customer onboarding and customer due diligence (CDD).

The KYC modules allow methodical collection and storing of customer information and supporting documents. Full compliance and verifiable onboarding policies and procedures can be adhered to. The process of collecting and verifying information of each corporate or individual customer is surrounded with validation, workflow enforcement and business rules that impose AML or AMLTF Policies and Procedures.

Compliance Fully Integrated

FxOffice KYC data is accessible across the entire platform. Every client, transaction, and account can be screened through watch filters, compliance rules and operation control points to protect financial institutions from both initial and continual risk. Watch lists, politically exposed person (PEP) screens, risk-based scoring, transaction monitoring, regulatory reporting and other compliance functions are solidified with centralized and thorough KYC data.

KYC and Onboarding Key Features

  • KYC platform that systematically onboards new customers and clients.
  • Workflow control to ensure adherence to KYC policy.
  • Customizable risk scoring to primitively detect AML threats.
  • Highly structured workflow and business rules to ensure compliance.
  • User-centric dashboards to drive compliance workflow.
  • Reporting tools and on-demand audit reports.
  • Centralized repository of KYC and CDD records.

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