end to end payment automation

Solutions and Services

Platform as a Service

Datasoft’s partner network of elite FX liquidity and payment providers are embedded into the FxOffice core to bring financial institutions first class end-to-end payments automation, deeper FX liquidity and broader reach with international/in-country payments rails.

Correspondent Banking as a Service

Correspondent-banking-as-a-service positions financial institutions to augment existing banking infrastructure by facilitating access to numerous correspondent banks without the painstaking effort of developing multiple banking relationships from scratch.

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PaaS for Regulated Institutions

FxOffice Platform-as-a-Service brings banks and regulated financial institutions cutting-edge end-to-end technology with embedded FX liquidity and global payments automation. Delivered via multiple global-leading FX and payment providers, FxOffice PaaS provides the platform, competitive FX pricing, and global payments coverage to compete with established incumbents.

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PaaS for Non-Regulated Firms

Fintechs operating across borders can rapidly deploy high-grade end-to-end FX and payments automation with multiple liquidity and payment sources. Integrating seamlessly through a single omni-channel API, fintechs can achieve straight-through-processing from their choice of several providers.

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Platform as a Service Key Features

  • 880+ currency pairs, with payments to 140+ countries.
  • End-to-end payments automation.
  • Rich front-office portal facilitating an exceptional business experience.
  • Client-facing web portal for a seamless customer journey.
  • Straight-through-processing workflows that are highly customizable.
  • Turnkey private branded FX payments platform for partners/agents.

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Datasoft FxOffice is a foreign exchange software and global payments platform that offers financial institutions a completely integrated forex, treasury, compliance and payments platform.