multi-currency accounting


Accounting & Financials

Datasoft FxOffice Financials delivers a complete, integrated multi-entity, multi-currency accounting and financial management solution to enable measured and predictable business performance.  Purpose-built to handle the complexities of foreign exchange trades and cross-border transactions.

Datasoft General Ledger

All FxOffice components are integrated to the general ledger and seamlessly post transactions in real-time delivering immediate financial accounting data.

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Realized, Revaluation and Unrealized Profit

Auditable valuation processes run off live market feeds and can be executed effortlessly on schedulers allowing for daily accurate financial statements.

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Liquidity Management

High-volume transactions, currency exposure and market fluctuations are simplified with FxOffice's unified financial management and accounting automation.

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Reconciliation Automation

FxOffice offers specialized reconciliation solutions aimed at boosting efficiency and accuracy of foreign exchange and payment reconciliations.

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Datasoft Accounting and Enterprise Financials

FxOffice real time accounting functionality is thoroughly integrated in all modules and enables you to measure and control where your business stands proactively.

Datasoft’s financials automate accounting processes, reduce your reliance on spreadsheets or external software, and provides clear visibility into real-time business performance.  Since Datasoft FxOffice Suite is a single integrated platform, financial data is current and reconciled throughout all core business lines whether you are a small institution, a multi-branch environment or a multi-national entity.

Enterprise Financials & Accounting Key Features

  • Automated Accounting
  • Vendor Payable Management
  • True multi-currency general ledger
  • Diagnostic and Audit Reporting
  • Mark-to-Market Revaluation Automation
  • Cost Centers
  • Reconciliation Automation
  • Multi-entity financials
  • Fiscal Period Control
  • Inter-company accounting
  • Rollup and Consolidations

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Datasoft FxOffice is a foreign exchange software and global payments platform that offers financial institutions a completely integrated forex, treasury, compliance and payments platform.