Datasoft Smartforms streamlines client management process

Client Lifecycle Management

Client Lifecycle Management

Datasoft Smartforms streamlines client management from account-application to account-opening ensuring compliance across channels, products, and jurisdictions.

Evolving and complex compliance requirements can be made simple when powered with digital-first technology.  Datasoft Smartforms further streamlines ongoing constant vigilance via integration to FxOffice as a central data repository to leverage existing data and documentation for new products, routine KYC renewals, new compliance policies, and enhanced due diligence.

From Applicant to Account

Smartforms elegantly orchestrates the onboarding journey for new prospects and through subsequent steps in client lifecycles including ongoing sanctions screening, PEP screening, and adverse media scans.  Furthermore, data collected prior can be leveraged to automate and streamline routine KYC renewals and expedite applications for new (or changed) products or services.

Key Features

  • Centralized data and document repository
  • Ongoing compliance screens
  • Simplified KYC renewals
  • Expedite applications for new products/services

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