automated reconciliation modules enable accurate and reliable cash management

Know your FX exposure and cash positions in real-time

Cash Management

FxOffice Cash Management features and reporting are purpose-built for the FX and global payments industry. Nuances are embedded in functions and reports that consider both inbound and outbound SWIFT clearing and currency pair value-dates, velocity of in-country clearing payments and remittances. Aggregated flows are reported using live views, blotters, ladders and a large range of customizable reports along with drill-downs.

FxOffice can import proprietary bank data files or standardized messaging format files (such as SWIFT) propelling Reconciliation Automation for any number of nostro FX accounts. This data resides alongside FX trades, counter party transactions, payment data and settlement requisitions on a single architecture that enables you to maintain and monitor real-time currency cash balances, predicted FX cash flow, liquidity projections and foreign exchange exposure.


Cash Management Key Features

  • Purpose-built for the FX and global payments industry.
  • Data aggregation on one platform.
  • Reconciliation automation of nostro currency accounts.
  • Predictive cash flow management tools and reports.
  • Blotters, ladders and position monitors and views in real-time.
  • Single or multi-entity cash management reporting and functionality.

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