Corporate forex trading platform

Full spectrum capabilities for deliverable corporate Forex trading

Corporate FX

FxOffice provides a sophisticated dealing environment meticulously built for front office corporate and institutional FX trading and sales.

The dealing engine interface offers extensive functionality to book spot, forward, swap and option-dated window forward type trades via automated pricing or manual channels. The Dealing module provides real-time currency exposure reporting, allowing for monitoring of positions from multiple perspectives such as market volatility and liquidity. Additionally, collateral management/margin adequacy reporting is an integral element of the dealing engine.

Deal Pricing and Confirmation Automation

Pricing tools allow for automated pricing with limitless currency-pair spread templates or can be provided through a manual request for quote model (i.e. trader intervention pricing). Sales teams have access to quoting tools fed by live data as well as dashboard driven customer history. Automated electronic confirmations are streamlined with the dealing platform, enabling traders to build long term client relationships.

Dealing Key Features

  • Complete forex and payments front, middle and back office functionality
  • Forward Margin Adequacy and Collateral Management with credit controls
  • Full support for global and domestic payment platforms including SWIFT, FED, EFT, SEPA and other country-specific clearing
  • Optimized back-to-back cover order execution
  • Trades are posted in real time to the middle- or back-office and treasury modules
  • Simplified order placement in FxOffice executes client orders automatically or manually

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Datasoft FxOffice is a foreign exchange software and global payments platform that offers financial institutions a completely integrated forex, treasury, compliance and payments platform.