on premises hosting service

On-Premises Hosting

On-Premises Hosting

Datasoft gives clients the option to self-host on their own assets.

Clients that opt to self-host our software have full autonomy over their database environment with available support from Datasoft. This option requires infrastructure, resources and staffing; suited for firms with established IT resources.

On-Premises Deployment is offered in two models:

SaaS Self-Hosted: The client hosts FxOffice while Datasoft remains responsible for maintenance and support. This option is variably SaaS priced and caters to those firms that prefer to retain hosting control inside their own IT infrastructure.

Perpetually Licensed: FxOffice can also be priced as perpetual licenses per user and per legal entity - web and API licenses are separately priced.  Annual Maintenance Fees (AMF) are applied to entitle version upgrades and support.  The client will host the entire infrastructure on their premises or preferred data center undertaking full autonomy over the database and FxOffice application and web servers. This option is usually chosen by established IT departments with proven infrastructure and capability to run enterprise core systems and security.

On-Premises Hosting Key Features

  • Leverage the efficiency of SaaS pricing while On-Premises
  • Retain custody of database and application servers
  • Choose perpetual licensing model if preferred over variable SaaS pricing
  • Manage security on your assets under governance of your IT Policies
  • Continue to leverage Datasoft support expertise as and when required
  • Optionally host FxOffice at your preferred data center

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