Who We Are

Datasoft is a multinational financial technology firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada. We are engineers and innovators with over 20 years of experience in the cross-border payments and foreign exchange industry. Our flagship platform, FxOffice, is built by us from the ground up. FxOffice delivers end-to-end enterprise capability unifying FX dealing, risk management, compliance, payments and finance all into a single platform.

Datasoft Group Of Companies

What we do

Our two major areas of focus are:

  • Datasoft FxOffice catering to financial services institutions.
  • Datasoft ERP for the manufacturing and trade industry.

FxOffice powers medium to large-sized corporations around the world. We are a leading provider of corporate FX, payments and compliance software solutions to banks, credit unions and mid-market organizations in the financial services industry.

Datasoft ERP covers a full range of business requirements and runs globally active corporations in the trading and manufacturing sector.

What we want to achieve

Today, our employees, our partners and our management are tied together by one common denominator: to help our customers succeed without boundaries or borders. Tomorrow, we want Datasoft ERP and Datasoft FxOffice to be recognized global giants built on our absolute commitment to quality, our integrity and our unrelenting pursuit of innovation and improvement.

Historical Background

Datasoft was founded in 1999 in Toronto, Canada, consulting in the money service industry while initially building decision support systems and anti-money laundering regulatory software for the US financial services sector. In 2002, these modules were extended to form an end-to-end dealing platform addressing front-office, back-office and regulatory requirements of foreign exchange firms thereby inaugurating the first version of Datasoft FxOffice.

At the same time, the impact of growth in international trade presented compelling opportunities for Datasoft to provide solutions for businesses seeking increased sales from exports and/or reduced costs from imports. In 2002, Datasoft also released its initial version of Datasoft ERP complete with purchasing, sales, multi currency financials and MIS management modules.

Armed with extensive experience and expertise, we re-engineered the next generation of Datasoft software. In 2007, built using the best-of-class technology and engineering methods, the company released Datasoft ERP and Datasoft FxOffice which provided clients improved enterprise-wide integration and operations control.

In 2007, Datasoft was established in Dubai, UAE, serving new markets in the Middle East, Africa and Asia and putting Datasoft on the map as a global provider. Today Datasoft supports clients all over the world. Datasoft is proud of its longstanding leadership in the trade and financial services industry and continually strives to bring innovative software solutions to the market.