Real-time smart data screening 

Intelligent Screening Search Technology

Black List Name Searching and PEP Filtering

Financial Institutions worldwide must have a sound AML compliance program which includes sufficient capability to screen against OFAC sanction lists and other watch list databases such as criminal, enforcement or governmental lists.

Datasoft FxOffice interfaces with sophisticated and flexible search technologies that optimize each search query enhanced by fuzzy logic and phonetic algorithms. FxOffice API interfaces to premier products like Lexis Nexis and World Check power the real-time capability of FxOffice to screen data against billions of data elements effortlessly and in real-time.

Real-time Screening

National or International sanction screening, politically exposed persons (PEP) and criminal searches are deployed from FxOffice in real-time data envelopes and results are returned within a few seconds. Data envelopes can be flexibility configured to include client data, beneficial owners, directors, contacts, beneficiaries, payors and more. Embedded smart white list engines reduce false positives and compliance overheads. Intelligent and robust searches are seamlessly built into FxOffice providing the highest level of scrutiny and compliance strength.

Black List Name Searching Key Features

  • Fuzzy logic and phonetic search capable with match scoring flexible configuration.
  • Real-time checking against OFAC, crime and governmental databases.
  • Complete client data profiling.
  • Sender and receiver data of domestic and international payments.
  • White listing engines built in to reduce false positives and repetitive work.
  • Audit-ready logs of searches and cases to evidence compliance decisions.
  • Integration into FxOffice Case Management – platform wide investigations platform.

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