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FxOffice runs Financial Institutions specialized in Forex and Payments

FxOffice runs banks and financial institutions that specialize in foreign exchange and cross border payments. It is an end-to-end solution fully integrating the front, middle and back office with a client-facing web portal and feature-rich API into a single unified operating core platform.


Datasoft FxOffice runs Financial Institutions of all sizes – from small-medium organizations to multi-national institutions. The platform facilitates foreign exchange and global payments businesses operating in single or multiple branches and multiple countries while catering for multiple languages and local requirements.


FxOffice Financials delivers a complete full feature integrated financial management solution to ensure measured and predictable business performance. Financial accounting processes are in real-time and automates enterprise wide accounting functionality.


FxOffice Treasury equips stakeholders with the visibility and reporting required to understand currency exposures, optimize cash positions, manage liquidity, control bank accounts, and better manage global bank nostro accounts.


FxOffice provides a sophisticated dealing environment purpose built for corporate and institutional deliverable foreign exchange trading and sales. FxOffice tightly integrates the feature rich dealing platform to all other FxOffice modules thereby creating streamlined automated processing from deal inception to trade finality.


FxOffice Payments and Settlements modules provide payments-related functionality for all electronic payment types including international payments, SWIFT, ACH, FedACH NACHA, EFT payments, as well as paper instruments like cheques, drafts and more. Datasoft FxOffice has been built to leverage faster, broader and more secure access to payment and settlement routes.


Datasoft FxOffice helps to promote the entire sales process by increasing collaboration and visibility on customer-facing front office operations. FxOffice CRM provides the foundation and tools required to maximize opportunities and model for consistent service excellence. FxOffice CRM reaches into all FxOffice data delivering deep and relevant insight into client patterns and behaviour.


FxOffice Compliance modules cover all aspects of regulatory requirements and reporting delivering an end-to-end compliance platform. Highly customizable, the compliance platform ensures proactive assertion of Policies and Procedures in any workflow by way of business rules and automation interwoven throughout the product suite.


FxOffice Operations modules ensure that business operations are controlled effectively and efficiently using business modeling tools. FxOffice allows operational control and efficiencies to be optimized for institutions of any size. Dashboards, alerts and reports promote a proactive operational control framework.


The FxOffice Online Portal is designed to meet and exceed the foreign exchange trading and international payment demands of your customers on the web. Extensive FX dealing, payments and receivable management, and balance statement and reporting puts robust corporate treasury and cash management tools at your clients’ fingertips.

Datasoft FxOffice Introduction

Datasoft FxOffice offers the financial services industry an integrated corporate foreign exchange, cash management and global payments platform. FxOffice is an end-to-end solution incorporating a broad range of modules built specifically for foreign exchange and cross-border international payments. The platform unifies the functionality of FX dealing, risk management, anti-money laundering (AML/ATF) compliance, payments and finance in a single platform geared for scalability and control.

Datasoft FxOffice Web Portal

The Datasoft FxOffice Web Portal allows financial institutions and corporate foreign exchange providers to deliver a first class user experience to their customers. The platform has been architected from years of experience in the financial marketplace and presents a simple user-friendly interface with a powerful feature set making it one of the most complete, flexible, and scalable solutions in the market today.

Datasoft FxOffice Compliance

The FxOffice Compliance modules span functionality from client on-boarding through to regulatory reporting, delivering a complete anti-money laundering (AML) solution. Transaction monitoring and risk-based methodologies combine with workflow and business modeling modules to deliver constant vigilance and enforce desired policies and procedures of any AML Compliance regime.

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Datasoft FxOffice is a foreign exchange software and global payments platform that offers financial institutions a completely integrated forex, treasury, compliance and payments platform.