embedded FX liquidity and global payments automation

PaaS for Regulated Institutions

PaaS for Regulated Institutions

Datasoft’s FxOffice Platform-as-a-Service brings financial institutions pre-established FX liquidity and a greater global payments infrastructure built into the FxOffice Platform.

FxOffice PaaS unifies market-leading FxOffice technology with world-class FX liquidity sources and global payments rails.  Datasoft with a curated network of elite partners delivers a truly end-to-end platform instantly advancing the FX and payments offering of financial institutions that will rival the best.

Our Partners are Your Partners

Through partnership relationships with globally recognized providers, Datasoft PaaS leverages competitive pricing transparency and a wide global payments infrastructure from several providers.  When combined with the breadth and depth of FxOffice, financial institutions can modernize the front and back-office while being able to offer customers expansive currency coverage and excellent FX pricing.

PaaS for Regulated Institutions Key Benefits

  • FxOffice PaaS embeds and automates world-class providers
  • Choose from multiple FX/payment providers
  • Choose from multiple FX/payment providers
  • Access FX best-pricing and payment best-routing
  • Issue virtual IBAN accounts to automate FX inflows
  • Modernize the front to back-office

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Datasoft FxOffice is a foreign exchange software and global payments platform that offers financial institutions a completely integrated forex, treasury, compliance and payments platform.