On the fly multiple payment routing support

Any Payment Type - Any Route

With ready-made support for widely used channels and payment formats, multi-currency electronic payments can be routed on any channel compatible with each payment and from any nostro as well as in-country clearing

FxOffice supports all the major payment formats and is also configurable to work with non-standard proprietary formats as well. Templates can be generalized to be cleared on SWIFT and also specific in-country routes including MT103, IBAN, EFT, ACH, ABA, BACS, SEPA, etc. Physical formats like cheques and Drafts are also available, including the ability to print cheque, cheque runs and MICR encoded printing software. In addition, incoming payment formats like pre-authorized debit, bill payment and ACH-debit are included.

Multiple Payment Routing Templates

Verifiable beneficiary templates are stored in FxOffice which can be configured to include multiple routing types. For example, one beneficiary template can be configured as a wire payment and also as a lower value ACH payment empowering the front office with choices when transacting with clients. In addition, at time of remittance, different payment methods can be configured by priority to ensure lower value payments or high speed payments follow business requirements and fee-based models.

Templates and Routing Key Benefits

  • Support for all physical and electronic payment types.
  • Flexible template management.
  • Remittance priority management to ensure optimal payment route.
  • Country-specific template fields, including purpose of payment.

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