CRM control center to empower your sales team with intelligence and knowledge

Client Management

Datasoft FxOffice offers an integrated central Dealing CRM control center, enabling your business to optimally service accounts and focus on growth.

The FxOffice Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module takes your client data and converts it into useful, actionable insight that can transform your business. Datasoft FxOffice CRM provides the foundation and tools required to maximize opportunities and model client experiences with a comprehensive service experience. Datasoft FxOffice CRM is an industry-specific solution for the foreign exchange space enabling a 360° insight into customers' needs and preferences. The CRM is accompanied by workflow automation tools and performance measurements to unifying customer service team efforts.

CRM Functionality Extended

Datasoft FxOffice CRM extends into foreign exchange and payments front-office modules and provides traders and customer relationship managers a complete platform in which to manage customers with deep and relevant insight into historical trade pricing, recent transactions patterns, trending and predictive analysis.

Dealing CRM Key Features

  • Central repository for all relevant customer and prospect contact information readily accessible and instantly provided to front-office and customer service staff.
  • Dashboard widgets provide an in depth drill down of dealing and client data on a per account basis.
  • Datasoft FxOffice CRM also supports alerts and slippage reports to ensure that all customers are serviced proactively.

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Datasoft FxOffice is a foreign exchange and global payments software platform that offers financial institutions a completely integrated forex, treasury, compliance and payments platform.