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MSBs and FX Brokers

FX Brokers and MSBs focused on B2B payments are faced with ever increasing competitive pressures, technology shifts and regulatory changes in the payments landscape. Having flexible automation and versatility in your technology stack is vital to compete. FxOffice is a proven end-to-end cloud-based platform with users across the globe ranging from large multi-national corporations to startups. Built-in compliance modules, payment workflows and multi-currency accounting modules will help streamline business processes and save time, so you can focus where it matters.

  • Fully customizable end-to-end compliance automation.
  • White label the client-facing trading portal for a seamless user experience.
  • Equip front office staff working remotely with a sleek intuitive web interface to enhance the sales experience.
  • Digital client onboarding and KYC to ease friction without compromising compliance.



FxOffice PaaS allows banks and financial institutions to expand and enhance their international payments offering. Our proven, on-demand technology stack, coupled with embedded liquidity from an array of partners will widen your reach in the global marketplace with a high degree of automation. 

  • Our curated partner network enables access to over 880 currency pairs, with payments to 140+ countries including some in-country corridors (international ACH).
  • End-to-end payments automation will streamline workflows to save time and eliminate errors associated with paper-based processes.
  • The web-enabled portal for front office staff has configurable dashboards to facilitate a great business experience.
  • White label the client-facing web portal for a seamless customer journey.
  • Strengthen and modernize front to back operations with automation solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Straight-through-processing workflows that are highly customizable.
  • For enhanced revenue opportunities, offer partners a turnkey white-label, private branded FX payments platform.


For financial institutions looking to modernize their FX and global payments line of business, FxOffice delivers end-to-end automation. From an elegant front-office customer experience to highly automated post-trade workflows, FxOffice provides a best in breed solution designed to scale.

  • Customized interfaces allow for individual needs across different desks to be met.
  • Operational workflow automation reduces errors by eliminating manual processes and increases overall productivity.
  • Liquidity automation allows for live FX pricing and enhanced STP trade execution.
  • Customizable end-to-end compliance automation with real-time transaction oversight delivered to role-specific dashboards.
  • Rich client-facing web portal, with white label capability to meet increasing digital demands of customers and partners.
  • Equip the front-office and branch with a sleek feature-rich interface that elevates the sales experience and business flows.


As more fintechs enter the financial services landscape, being able to deliver a superior customer journey is paramount. For fintechs that serve customers across borders, embedded FX and payments automation can be rapidly deployed to enhance existing product offerings. Using modern and simple API, fintechs can embed end-to-end FX and payments automation with liquidity into their applications. Our omnichannel payments solution will deliver well priced FX with straight through processing from a single API while your clients experience maximum utility and a seamless journey.

  • Embed FX with a simple API to bring added value to your clients.
  • Our omnichannel payments solution gives access to a wide global payment routing corridor with multi-lateral liquidity pricing.
  • Send global payouts to 140+ countries with access to 880+ currency pairs.
  • Always stay compliant with regulators, beneficiary payment recipients and KYC protocols.


In the rapidly evolving and highly competitive payments space, new entrants need technology that positions them as strong competitors. FxOffice equips startup firms with rich end-to-end FX and cross border payments automation. With our proven scalable platform, your time to market is reduced so you can be ready for the moment. Startup pricing incentives coupled with savings of forgoing a buildout, frees up capital for your front office so you can focus where it matters. 

  • From digital onboarding to regulatory reporting, our rich end-to-end compliance platform will help you stay compliant as you build your brand.
  • Elevate your risk management capability with access to real-time exposure limits, client risk scoring and deal limit enforcement.
  • Deliver a world class user experience to your customers facing your brand with advanced web enabled tools streamlining operations.
  • Reduce onboarding friction for your prospects with modern regulatory technology.
  • Enhance your FX product offering by tapping into our catalog of partners.

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Datasoft FxOffice is a foreign exchange and global payments software platform that offers financial institutions a completely integrated forex, treasury, compliance and payments platform.