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Launch of Datasoft Smartforms Bridges the Gap in Onboarding for Foreign Exchange and Cross-Border Payments Firms

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by Rahim Harji on


TORONTO, December 14, 2021 - Datasoft, a leading cloud-based foreign exchange, and global payments software platform provider, announced today the launch of Datasoft Smartforms, an innovative digital solution designed to streamline customer onboarding for foreign exchange brokers, cross-border payment firms, and money services businesses (MSBs). Substandard customer experiences and arduous onboarding journeys remain a common industry pain spot which results in needless friction and customer attrition. Datasoft Smartforms leverages cutting-edge Regulatory Technology (RegTech) and carefully crafted customer journeys to allow firms to modernize with digital compliance assets while delighting new customers with a smooth onboarding journey.

“Much of the FX and payments space remains a high-touch, high-service industry. Particularly for firms performing third party cross-border payments, the industry shoulders steep compliance obligations making onboarding an onerous process,” said Rahim Harji, CEO at Datasoft. “Datasoft Smartforms solves the customer experience by allowing the front-office to collaborate with the applicant and drive an effortless digital onboarding journey. Smartforms also delivers a strong business experience to compliance stakeholders by embedding elite regulatory technology into the workflow.”

By aligning the front-office with the compliance department, Datasoft Smartforms can onboard clients more efficiently from application to account opening, while ensuring compliance across channels, products, and jurisdiction without compromising the customer journey.

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